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Lyrics and liner notes for “Short Circuit at the Sheep Factory” album by BipTunia – March 16, 2018


Get the PDF here: Short Circuit at the Sheep Factory – lyrics, credits, and liner notes – March 16, 2018 Listen to the whole album HERE. Lyrics and liner notes were pretty well proofed, by two people, but it’s long so a few typos are…

“Short Circuit at the Sheep Factory” BipTunia Download cards, printable PDFs


Download, print, and hand out these wonderful download cards! Include QR code that scans to the secret download page where you can get all 4 BipTunia albums without paying for them! Woot! Celebrate the best BipTunia album yet by helping promote some pretty groundbreaking and…

Lossless FLAC, legal torrent, free, 24-bit “Short Circuit at the Sheep Factory” BipTunia full album


These full-album, high-quality downloads are free, but please feel free to donate any amount if you like what you hear. Download Torrent magnet link here. (Get lossless FLAC torrent of all BipTunia albums here.) If you don’t have a torrent program, here is one free….

Final BipTunia album: “Short Circuit at the Sheep Factory” – 1 file


LISTEN: DOWNLOAD MP3 or get torrent of 24-bit FLAC version. TRACK LISTING: Love Letter to a Dead Girl Short Circuit at the Sheep Factory Cut Up in 65/16 Nose in Wine To Catch Yourself From Falling Lacy Wooed Him, in That 1963 Ford Step…

Cut-up Run-On Roundelay in 65/16 – BipTunia final song – mastered


PLAY: Cut-up Run-On Roundelay in 65-16 (Lyrics done with the BipTunia lyric generator: and some editing):    Check check, yo. I’m checkin’ you out, and you’re in. He came back later on tour with armed guards who hurt the the quiet parts that checked you…

LINER NOTES, explaining the lyrics of BipTunia’s song “To Keep Yourself From Falling”


LISTEN (Final mastered version, mastered at LANDR.) Download LYRICS: Tiffany take my Tiffany take my Tiffany take my Tiffany take my… Tiffany take my thoughts on up to heaven show my songs and all my wrongs to God Tiffany take my words with you to…

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