Here at Intergalactic Prairie Studios, when a tool we want doesn’t exist, we build it.

We use these tools, but we also share them with you. And all are free. (Donate here if you want.)

Also, check out my microtonal music made with the microtonal 64-bit VSTs below.

64-bit VSTs:

Simple Microtonal Sampler, 64-bit Windows, v1.0

64-bit “Simple Microtonal Synth” easiest to use microtonal synth, ever.

MAC version of “Simple Microtonal Synth”

Stupider Simpler Sampler, 64-bit Windows VST

Stupid Simple Sampler, 64-bit Windows VST

32-bit VSTs:

32-bit “Simple Microtonal Synth” easiest to use microtonal synth, ever.

Microtonal Polyphonic Shiny Dirt” free VST synth – 32-bit microtonal, polyphonic, circuit-bent analog sounds, easy to use, 128 presets, 5376 microtonal tunings

Microtonal Poly Worms” free VST synth, polyphonic, microtonal, 32-bit, easy to use, robust. 64 presets, 5374 tunings

“THIS GOES TO 127!” VST dynamics compressor for MIDI, for ALL LOUD NOTES (beta) works with most VSTs, microtonal or not.

ALSO, CHECK OUT MY ARTICLE, Making Microtonal Music is Easier Than You’d Think

I also wrote #IFuckingLoveREAPER (a listicle of why REAPER is the best DAW for music)

Get ShinyDirt, our free VST synth, here

Get LuckyWorm, our first free VST synth, here

Enjoy, and please tell two friends.

If you want to donate, there are links on the left sidebar for patreon, Bitcoin, and PayPal. Or you can buy one of my albums for you or a friend, on BandCamp, or any of these services:

Quick-Start Guide to Using SynthEdit to make your own VST synthesizers and effects

SynthEdit projects for 2 of my Microtonal Synth VSTs

Download free our new record, “Fanfare for the Common Worm”, which uses one or both of our VSTs on many of the songs.

LEGAL: VST® is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH, registered in Europe and other countries.

BipTunia Synths has been licensed for VST SDK use by Steinberg. Agreement countersigned by Steinberg on August 23, 2018.

If you don’t know what a VST is, it’s software used for making music. Our VSTs are VSTis, or Virtual Studio Technology Instruments. They are software music synthesizers that run in any DAW or VST host. They are free. We make ’em for us and share ’em with you.

Oh, check out the xenharmonic wiki. New location. and I’M HELPING!

Both are made with SynthEdit  go to synth edit site

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