ALL OUR COOL SHIRTS ARE ON AMAZON, HERE. Many styles and colors available.  One is shown below:

^Model: Rashel Blackfyre. Photo: Kal Molinet. More pix here.

get the BipTunia shirt with cat face logo on Amazon

If you want some BipTunia stickers to stick & to hand out. Will send whatever design we have handy (we have several).

email me your mailing address here, and tell us how many you want and where you’ll hand ’em out. Will send 1 to 30 stickers, and 10 to 300 cards.

Wipe surfaces with a cloth before sticking. They’ll stick longer.

FREE 3-inch high-quality vinyl yellow BipTunia stickers!

For a limited time: I’ll send a couple of these to you, free, if you’ll display it somewhere people will at least occasionally see it. And/or give the second one to someone who will display it where people will occasionally see it.

If you want some, email me your mailing address here.

And yes, I will mail them outside the USA.

Wipe surfaces with a cloth before sticking. They’ll stick longer.


BipTunia PopSockets:


Lyrics and Liner Notes for the First Three BipTunia Albums: Felis Bippus, Brace Yourself for a Blast, and Open Knife Night Kindle edition and Paperback edition


BipTunia logo cat face drawn by Jim Jesus as a logo for another project of mine, BipCoin.

I’m no longer involved in BipCoin, I turned it over to another dev, and he dropped the ball.

So I took the logo with me for BipTunia.

The logo is based on a cool cat that lives in my home, BipCat. My wife nicknamed BipCat “BipTunia” long before this music project.

Basically the band is named after the cat. And the cat is named after the BipCot License.

The crypto is named after the license AND the cat. lol.

Here are photos of Bippy the Wondercat!:


mail us Contact BipTunia. (Also get a free BipTunia sticker)