Free Stickers


We will send you between 1 and 10 total stickers, tell us how many you want.

No choice of style, we’ll send what we have in stock at the time.

Stickers are 3-inch vinyl, and will last a long time if you wipe the surface with a cloth first, then mash the sticker down with your hand after you place it. E-mail us here, send us your address, and tell us how many you want. We will send them to anywhere in the world.

Synthesizer not included.

If you’ll put a bumper sticker on a car or anything that leaves the house, we’ll send you one. Ask for it by name!

Copy and paste Tweet (feel free to edit):

BipTunia, for fans of Residents, Sonic Youth, Syd Barrett, Zappa, Joy Division, Laurie Anderson, Doors, Manson, Kraftwerk, Jim Carroll, Gary Numan, Fugazi, Floyd, Aphex Twin, NIN, Ministry, Zep, Eno, ELP, Devo, Depeche Mode, Butthole Surfers, King Missile.


Fan mail is nice, but a review on Amazon or iTunes or anywhere else our music is will be far more useful to our musical mission than writing us a fan letter. We know we’re great. Tell the world, not us. (Though we’d love to hear how you promoted us!)

You can review things on Amazon without buying it there as long as you’ve actually heard the music, you just need an account.

If you want to donate regularly, even a little bit, our Patreon is here.

Logos and album cover art for use in reviews or fan art or whatever are posted at the bottom of the page. Email and ask if you need a larger one for print magazines, making t-shirts, stickers, etc.

Also, tell Two friends. PLUS, if you REALLY want to help out:

Get pastable BipTunia street art, PDF download


Download the printable PDF zip of download cards to print and hand out or leave places they’ll be seen:

Bippertronix / _Fanfare for Common Worm_New_DL_cards (Duplex)

first 3 albums, 2 docs, 1 side each BipTunia DL card     (one doc for each side, to feed paper through twice)  10.5 MB

first 3 albums, 1 doc, 2-up BipTunia DL card    (one doc with two pages, for Duplex printers only) 4.68 MB

Got tired of updating the doc for each album, so I’m going to make a new doc for each album. Here’s the one for album 4:

“Short Circuit at the Sheep Factory” BipTunia Download cards, printable PDFs

Cards for album “Last Chopper Outta My Brain.”

Download ’em, print on card stock, color is best, but black & white will work.

You’ll have to figure out which way your printer works to print two sides. You print one side, then put that page (or those pages) in the printer tray again, usually face up, sometimes with the words facing you, sometimes upside down. You’ll need to experiment.

You may have to feed through the hand feeder slot the second time through. Unless you have a duplex printer (one that can automatically print two sides), in which case, pick the duplex option above. And set your offset to zero.

Or you can take the files to Kinkos, have them print them, print one and cut it out to make sure they line up. They’ll also have a paper cutter which will make them easier to cut. Only cut a couple at a time to keep the edges clean and not frayed.

Give ’em out to support the arts and turn your friends on to incredible music. Helps if you say “This music’s great” rather than just hand them out without saying anything.

Also, “Reverse shoplifting” to promote BipTunia.

LOGO and album covers:





mail us Contact BipTunia. (Also get a free BipTunia sticker)