“Mint Tin” – song by BipTunia


Music: Michael W. Dean
Words and voice: Phil Wormuth

Between the two (stupidity) it is so.
Linking dump jail by building mystery 75mph.
Sarah and Craig – one logo wish. Definitely Friday ink.
Make-up back story hall outfit (yeah!)
Eased-up, featuring heavy-duty mall.
Heads-up, help, heads-up two kiwi fuel.

Natural health, publicity gridlock.
Beautiful living room, perennial inner sandal.
Beautiful materials, including plumbing.
Local objects. Exhibition mall bringing negativity.
Invited paperwork – this imp, pea-whip material.
Majestic, object, crisp; even man icing fuel.
Husband much pumpkin, jewelry, UFO graffiti…
Beach origin brown hawk pulling crew.

Kicked kayak. Break camp. Logo heading beach fish
until jellyfish drop judicial issues.
Gruel-getting steak. Isn’t even using goober.
Getting dark jail if justice break; being taken…
Hairdo can bring ball hat. Health search brush.
Only length official personal launch break.
Two heck half-luck, pm beautiful, bright.

Taken thing suggests legal ban, grub two real powerful.
Balsam paintbrush, quality small line-up.
Legal wilds shown providing gallery (instead.)
Sell but cool by friend recording jail.
Being washed from pun social soon.
According placed social product.

Laugh afternoon brainstorm perform.
Social hard prep map meeting helpful health.
Painting, knitting brick under lapel lock label legs; legs;
hyperventilating business logo with Kowalski special.

The words for this song are a cut up of a document that came from Phil randomly typing on his phone’s keypad, to trigger the autocomplete.

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