How to revert “Gutenberg”, the crappy update forced on WordPress 5;


The crappy update forced on WordPress 5; “Gutenberg”, has a HORRIBLE and useless post editing interface. Very contentious in the WordPress user community. And pretty pompous that WordPress:

1. Forced it.

2. Named it after the most important pre-Internet publishing innovation (The Gutenberg Press).

HOWEVER: If you don’t like it, there’s a good “Gutenberg killer” plugin that makes everything go back to how it was.

It’s called

by Jeff Star, and it’s on the WordPress store, for free.

No settings to adjust on my end, I just installed the DISABLE GUTENBERG plugin, activated it, and now WordPress is back like it was before the WordPress goons who “know that’s good for you” (hint: they’re in San Francisco, lol) “Fixed” it.


Someone said to me “The thing I haven’t seen in here anywhere is what exactly is wrong with Gutenberg.

Here is my answer:

Gutenberg breaks the very good work flow that has been the same for years, and has not changed for good reason.

It doesn’t offer gains for most people that make it worthwhile to re-learn what is almost a new program.

It was forced, there isn’t an option to just “turn it off.” They claim there is one, but it doesn’t really go back to how it was.

They ignored immensely overwhelming complaints for a year of many thousands of people begging and demanding “don’t force this as part of core.”

Telling people what they’re GOING to like, and making it mandatory, is antithetical to the guiding principles that used to run WordPress.

My theory is it’s an intentional crippling to increase paid WordPress support.

It’s tearing up the company too: WordPress Accessibility Team Lead Resigns, Cites Political Complications Related to Gutenberg

Here’s a post about the problems, post written by the person in charge of the team: I have resigned as the WordPress accessibility team lead. Here is why.

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