We of the BipTunia music group enjoy poetry and like having fun. We make intersting music, and we are also a teaching hospital for the arts. So we thought it would be nifty to make a free service that generates poetry based on our lyrics.
We made the BipTunia Lyric Generator to automate cut-ups and to allow anyone to write a BipTunia song. You can even publish poems and songs made with the generator as long as you link and credit the generator, and license the poem or song BipCot NoGov license, with a link to the license at: https://bipcot.org/
Random source includes phrases from our first 3 albums, a song from our 4th album, and an article Michael wrote, added for good measure. We already made one song using this, "Cut-Up in 65/16" on the Short Circuit at the Sheep Factory album.

All words by Phil Wormuth and Michael W. Dean. Generator by Michael W. Dean with help from Derrick Slopey and 

This generator partially inspired by William S. Burroughs' Cut-Up technique

BipTunia Lyric Generator
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 3. Repeat to taste (use your Enter/Return key).

This page and code and lyrics are covered by the BipCot NoGov license

This allows use and re-use by anyone except governments and government agents. There are no government guns for violators, only shame.