“Non-Toxic Lipograms” – microtonal BipTunia song

Music: Michael W. Dean Words: Michael W. Dean and Phil Wormuth This song is mostly 12edo, but the synth solo from 1:05 to 2:15 is  24TET LYRICS: Mic test 1 Mick test 1 test, test, what it ’tis? what it ’tis? I was going through my…


“Fruit Cart Shuffle in 22 TET Porcupine” – microtonal BipTunia song

New song in 22 TET Porcupine [7] 3 3 3 4 3 3 3 tuning. Music, voice: Michael W. Dean Voice: Phil Wormuth VST synths used: Microtonal Poly Worms Microtonal  Drum & 808 (not released yet) Addictive Drums Words: Fruit carts? Do we have any…


“Disco Demolition Man and Pigeon 911” – microtonal BipTunia song

Microtonal / xenharmonic. 6EDphi, 12 EDphi. Music: Michael W. Dean Words Phil Wormuth and Michael W. Dean. This is the final mix and master. LYRICS: (There are no other ways. And we are out of phase.) You’re a public school teacher. Yeah, right. So, you…


“Find Your Own Voice in 120 EDO” – microtonal song by BipTunia

main riffs: 120 EDO drums: 120 EDO + 12 EDO melody: 30 EDO Synths: Microtonal Poly Worms (has 120 EDO presets), Microtonal Poly Drums (not yet released, beta, the ” pitter patter pitter patter” percussion at the start and throughout), Ivor 2 (using Sevish patch…


Open call to submit your microtonal tunings for inclusion in my free VST synth

Hi. I made a polyphonic, microtonal free VST synth called Microtonal Poly Worms It’s easy to use, robust. 64 presets, and comes stock with 5374 tunings. No I’m not making it for Mac, Linux, or for 64 bit. It’s Windows 32-bit, but runs on many 64-bit…


“We’d Just Stand on the Street Corner and Yell” – BipTunia microtonal song. Tunings: ED4-41, 12 EDO, 22 TET Orwell [9] 2 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 2

This is the first song (that I know of) to use my new microtonal  VST synth, “Microtonal Poly Worms.” (Check out my other microtonal music.) TUNINGS on this song:  ED4-41 12 EDO 22 TET Orwell [9] 2 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 2 Music,…


VST synth, “Microtonal Poly Worms” v2.1 – has 5374 tunings (!), 64 presets. Polyphonic, microtonal, free, easy to use, robust.

Get it from the listing on KVR Audio, here. or DOWNLOAD IT here. MicrotonalPolyWorms Version 2.1 (9.6 megs) (Check our new record that uses this synth extensively. Free to listen or download: Microtonal Cats from Alpha-Centauri) YouTube walk through of this VST Note: if you want…


microtonal compilation benefit album for Lyn Ulbricht (mother of Ross Ulbricht of #SilkRoad)

Nov 13m 2018 update: Album lineup is solidified, we have a bunch of the files, waiting on the last two, album will come out early 2019. (Please share this post, even if you’re not a microtonal musician) Hi! I’m Michael W. Dean (a.k.a. Michael Feen)…


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