Lineup finalized for “Microtonal Freedom (A Compilation Benefit Album for Lyn Ulbricht)”

Here’s the lineup, folks. Going to be quite a good album. And for a good cause. The Mercury Tree & Cryptic Ruse Brendan Byrnes Usssy Bill Alves (remix by BipTunia) Carlo Serafini Naegleria Fowleri Löis BipTunia Kraig Grady Tall Kite Johnny Reinhard Jon Catler Ocean…


I might be dead if it weren’t for Stephen Elliott

Writer Stephen Elliott has been accused of “suspicion of rape.” I don’t understand what an accusation of suspicion of rape means. Sounds like conjecture to me. Or lies. Or a 9th-generation game of telephone that gets everything wrong. He was also accused of “unsolicited invitations…


“A Manual for the Human Users” – microtonal song (24-41, 24 edo, 12 tet)

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Microtonal scales / tunings: 24-41, 24 edo, 12 tet. Michael W. Dean and Phil Wormuth: talking, words Michael W. Dean: music NOTES: The first part of the lyrics are a cut-up of a part of Michael W. Dean’s…


FLAC 24-bit LOSSLESS full album “Microtonal Cats from Alpha-Centauri” – by BipTunia. Legal Torrent.

FLAC 24-bit full album “Microtonal Cats from Alpha-Centauri” – by BipTunia + MP3s as individual songs, plus lyric sheet. Get torrent magnet link HERE. PLEASE SEED. Want to preview the album? Do it here on Bandcamp. Don’t have a torrent program? We use qBittorrent. It’s…


Individual-song album player for “Microtonal Cats from Alpha-Centauri”

(Microtonal scale list at bottom of page.) | Download PDF of lyrics and notes. | We have T-shirts available now. | Download whole album as one file . Buy the album as songs on BandCamp. Lossless FLAC torrent. List of microtonal scales used:  SONG # SONG…


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