“Short Circuit at the Sheep Factory” BipTunia Download cards, printable PDFs

^They look good black and white on my printer, but will also print color if you have a color printer.

Download, print, and hand out these wonderful download cards! Include QR code that scans to the secret download page where you can get all 4 BipTunia albums without paying for them! Woot!
Celebrate the best BipTunia album yet by helping promote some pretty groundbreaking and underrated music.
They’re a tiny bit bigger than a business card, and you can print them on card stock, or even on regular printer paper. Print 8 to a page, then you cut them out.

Listen to the album on Spotify while you print cards!

Download zip of 2 PDFs, one for the front, one for the back

Download zip of 1 PDF, both sides on one page (if you have a duplex printer.)

If you want to hand some out but don’t have a printer, we can send you some. We’ll print them, cut them out, and send them to you. Just tell us how many you want, and give us an address to send them to. SEND email to BipTunia.

Thanks to Crystal Turner, hardcore BipTunia fan, for the great blurb!

mail us Contact BipTunia. (Also get a free BipTunia sticker)

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