SynthEdit projects for 2 of my Microtonal Synth VSTs (one 64-bit, one 32-bit.)

Lost the artwork in a disc crash, but here’s the SynthEdit 32-bit project. Please credit and link
BipTunia Synths

if you use it:
ShinyMicrotonalDirt_SynthEdit project files

You need the 32-bit SynthEdit to edit the 32bit, and the 64-bit SynthEdit for the 64-bit.

You’ll want to include the 5000+ .mid microtonal tuning file, grab them from here, and put them in the same file structure in yours.
You don’t have to use them all, but I would. And you won’t have microtonal capability at all if you don’t include some of them.

Here are sound samples for that synth:

Here’s the SynthEdit project for my 64-bit Simple Microtonal Synth:


Here are sound sample walk through:

Same applies above with grabbing the files. They’re the same in both synths, but here’s this synth anyway to hear the completed project:


Here’s an album made with almost only these two synths (except for drums and vocals):

Song player for BipTunia’s 8th album “Microtonal Cats from Alpha-Centauri”

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