Cut-up Run-On Roundelay in 65/16 – BipTunia song


Cut-up Run-On Roundelay in 65-16

(Lyrics done with the BipTunia lyric generator:

and some editing): 


Check check, yo. I’m checkin’ you out, and you’re in.
He came back later on tour with armed guards who hurt the

the quiet parts that checked you out and you’re the

concave eye glass piece that promptly depart for the stars But I’m glad I survived

while thinking I was right and interpreted the images trapped in my greatest

performance to date because he makes a mirror with the glass in my hand

that you adore as you lay down in the road in protest to fall in love with

Cash’s girl who stole the tolls for the holy artist in him that calls into question reality convention so…..

i said

Can I stay with you a few days for I’ve already told Jesus Christ that the bathtub

was full of magazines about how you cannot kill my clothes, because they already smelled like you

when I made those promises lovin’ on my 19 people including the staff that makes a

death while that one goes to hell amid unpaid back taxes that were forgiven while

she was alive and that terrifying and beautiful thing was eating my lunch again So

we woke up in a cold in van in another town with a another star who no longer fit

into those same leather pants that set off a drug-like reaction in the brain to make my

exit into a gangly ungainly universe at my concave glass eye piece that not only

survived but fought mightily for their Lord probably because I made those promises

that no gas hikes or pot holes would allow a blood girl from a town ago to promptly depart for the stars into those same leather pants wherein albums are mixed for a

blinded begging lame while I slept for 19 hours so alive we almost died from

running water in electric light to see the mirror rats the size of cats confiding in

shapely churches where I helped the band load out their gear then made my exit for

what he did accomplish to say “It’s the music I want to hear when you said that I was

doin’ right”, but I reassured the Devil so he called in sick to Jesus Christ but

nothing’s news today and people tell me I’m paved and electric to New York City

through all the proper channels.

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