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All music and words and voice by Michael W. Dean.

Cover photo by Andrea Piacquadio. (Budapest)

Run time: 63 minutes.
Release date: March 21, 2020

1. Cats Have Always Loved Me
2. She’s Droppin’ Beam Tears
3. Haunted House
4. Intergalactic Squats
5. Just Intonate Me Baby
6. Killin’ Time
7. Li’l 25
8. Squeaking Sgwadish
9. The French Have Always Licked Me
10. That Girl at That Squat in Berlin
11. When They’re Eating Each Other’s Skin

Microtonal songs and their tunings:
Cats Have Always Loved Me: 5 TET, 10 TET
Just Intonate Me Baby:  Just Intonation 12coh
Intergalactic Squats: 5 TET, 10 TET (and 12 edo)
Killin’ Time: 5 TET, 10 TET, 15 TET, (and 12 edo)
She’s Droppin’ Beam Tears 23 TET, 10 EDphi, 8 ED3 (and 12 edo)
That Girl at That Squat in Berlin Hijaz Tetrachord 7-Limit, 4 EDphi

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