New BipTunia song “Li’l 25” – preview of next album


This is the one song with lyrics that will be on the next album, “Radiation Hormesis.”

The next album will be a quadruple instrumental album. (Other than this song and maybe one song with a poem by Chandler St. Pierre.)

Will largely be drastic remixes of previous BipTunia songs, with vocals removed, and many other changes to make things spicy.

This is a fine mix, but not a final mix.

Little blond boy watched the Vietnam War
all a-cross legged on his mommy’s floor
25 years around the sun and it
still feels like a sucker punch

I met you on a sunny day
your smile cut through the clouds
holding broken crayons for to
cut a new swath in the cl ouds.

Only the sun can mix the colors of your eyes
Only the sun can mix the colors of your eyes

Well I’m a 2-bit baby boy boppin’
all up town all around Outta town
screamin’ for my next mommy.
Looking up and any utchin’ any skirt that
slishes by.

Frankincense thighs
New Orleans eyes
Stayed up all night,
made love with God
transfixed as that church burned down.

All I’ve got right now
is blood and saints and sinners
the race is won but I can’t leave
’til I’ve beat all the winners.

short CHORUS
Middle 8.


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