Open call for poets


Phil is too busy with his job to keep up with BipTunia. He did 37 albums, but it’s time for some new folks.

Gonna have a few guest poets do several poems each, if I can find the right people. That way it’s not too much for any one person.

I already have two long-time friends involved, but am open to hearing from anyone.

Send me a poem here. Won’t use it without talking to you, just need to check it out first.

Extra points if you have a good voice and can record, but if not, I can voice it.

You won’t make any money at this, but it won’t cost you any money if I use your poem. You’ll still own the poem, I’ll own the music with the performance. Have to do that to prevent people down the line saying “take it down” or whatever. #ProtectYourself

I make very little money at this, and it all goes back into promotion.

Contact link below (“contact BipTunia”)



mail us Contact BipTunia. (Also get a free BipTunia sticker)

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