Syd Mead, Artist Behind Blade Runner, Dies

^ Use of this image courtesy of, and with permission from, the amazing Syd Mead,

Syd Mead, Artist Behind Blade Runner, Dies

Syd was a great visionary. He designed a lot of what modern Sci-fi looks like, and his influence extends into all kinds of art, commerce, vehicles, film, and more.

He was also a BipTunia fan and allowed us to use his art on this BipTunia album cover.

He will be missed, but his influence is everywhere, including the Tesla Cybertruck……

I’m too in shock to write much, so:

More on Syd Mead’s final day

Syd Mead’s art.

Syd Mead interview.

Another Syd interview.

Syd on creating.


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