Stupid Simple Sampler – free 64-bit VST


Download HERE. (2.7 megs)

(But if you want even more minimalism, check out our newer version of this, called StupidER SimpleR Sampler.)

Stupid Simple Sampler from BipTunia Synths is the easiest to use sampler there is. It’s stupid simple to use.

It’s a 64-bit VST, drop-dead simple, polyphonic, and a heck of a lot of fun.

It can handle any WAV sample, mono or stereo, any bit depth or sample rate.

It only has 5 controls.

1 is a box where you can chose your own sample.

The other 4 controls are A, D, S, and R (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release.) You don’t even need to touch these four controls to use the sampler. They’re just for adding options.

It’s an old-school style sampler, like back when things were not complicated. It’s inspired by the tape samplers used by Pink Floyd in the 60s, and the hardware samplers used in rap in the early 80s.

Stupid Simple Sampler comes with 8 samples as presets. But you can add any samples you want, in the subfolder at


FOR BEST SOUND, add a little bit of reverb, and a dash of light, fast, compression after this VST on the same track:

This free compression VST works great for this, without changing any settings from the default

The 8 included samples in Stupid Simple Sampler are:

bell, tone, meow, voice, bounce, clink, stick, and strings. We made all the samples. The strings are a sample of a 1979 Crumar Performer.

You can find our other free VSTs at

and our music is at:


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