Legal torrent of BipTunia’s 30th album “30” — FLAC 24-bit lossless



The FLAC is one continuous file to preserve the live feel and audience reaction between songs.

This torrent also has a folder with all the individual sections as MP3s.

Also includes lyrics, artwork, and torrents of all previous BipTunia albums in lossless FLAC.

If you need a torrent program, we use and recommend qBittorrent.

Album release Date: Aug 31, 2019.

(10 days after last album. Also is the 4th BipTunia album this month).

Run Time: 91 minutes.


  1. 668 is the Neighbor of the Beast
  2. Voiding my Roland 808 and 303 Warranties from 1983
  3. A Summer Boat Trip on the SS Juno Crumar
  4. Crispy Delicious to Hear From You
  5. Pattern Predictability in Ultra Long-Distance Events
  6. Alas, a Guppy
  7. Through the Eye of the Fly

The microtonal song on this album is “Alas, a Guppy.” It’s in 9-29 tuning scale.


This music covered by the BipCot NoGov license, v1.2

This allows use and re-use by anyone except governments and government agents.

Please see license for remix info and publishing info.


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