25th album by BipTunia, “LIVE FROM INTERGALACTIC PRAIRIE STUDIOS” – listen free


Lyric sheet PDF and liner notes

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All new songs.

Recorded LIVE Saturday afternoon, July 6th, 2019, live in front of 89 friends in the screening room at Intergalactic Prairie Studios in Casper, Wyoming. USA. Engineering and logistic details in the PDF lyric sheet.

Release Date: July 10, 2019 (10 days after last album.)

Run Time: 84 minutes


–Michael W. Dean: Music, words, some voice.
–Phil Wormuth: Most voice, words.

Additional live musicians:
–Cash Newmann: Bass guitar.
–Sid Cusk: Drums.
–DJ Dean: Voice on “I Want a Savannah Cat.”

The microtonal song on this album is “Fishing Destiny’s Brain.” It’s in 31 EDO. (Though parts are also 12 TET.)

Torrent of FLAC lossless file of album

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ALBUM ART (click for large):

Download album as one file HERE.

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