FLAC Torrent 24-bit lossless of BipTunia’s 20th album “ALPHA-CENTAURI ON $20 A DAY”, legal torrent



The FLAC is one continuous file to preserve the cross-fades between songs.

This torrent also has a folder with all the individual songs as MP3s.
Also includes lyrics and artwork.

If you need a torrent program, we use and recommend qBittorrent.

Run Time: 55 minutes

Release Date: May 23, 2019 (MWD’s 55th birthday).


1.      The Randy

2.      Mad Action

3.      Three Exquisite Corpse Poems

4.      Renovation Hell

5.     The E-Waste Cycles


Download PDF of lyrics and liner notes

Get the album on BandCamp

Download album as one file HERE. (260k MP3. Sounds great. File size 101 megs.)

Experimental Electronic Darkwave Heavy Pop


Music mood: Darkly cheerful

Will appeal to fans of: Gary Numan, Brian Eno, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, The Doors, Depeche Mode, Jim Carroll, Frank Zappa, Robert Fripp, Blondie, Kraftwerk, Led Zeppelin, Butthole Surfers, and Dead Kennedys.

BipTunia styles: TripHop / Downtempo / Rock / Pop / Glam / Industrial / Ambient / Jazz / Space, not classifiable,  Darkwave, pop, rock, experimental

Michael W. Dean: Music, some words, a little voice
Phil Wormuth: Words, voice.

The microtonal songs on this record are:

  • Three Exquisite Corpse Poems (31 TET, 15.5 TET, 6 EDphi)
  • Renovation Hell (Mostly Dodecatonal 12 EDO, but has a little bit of 22 TET, and some AnaMark Dirty Pitch.)

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