Song player for BipTunia’s 3rd album “Open Knife Night”




Run Time: 55 minutes
Release Date: January 10, 2018

Download PDF of LYRICs Biptunia_album-3

Download album as one MP3 file (preserves all transitions and cross fades between songs) HERE.

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Michael W. Dean: music, production, words and singing on “You Lie All The Time” and “Gray
is the Day.”

Phil Wormuth: poems, reading poems, Baldwin organ on “Ol Drunken Paul’s Shaky Social
Standing.” Hype man and spoken intro on You Lie All the Time.

Album art design and concept by MWD. Man silhouetted on stage art by Sergey Vturin aka
Nemo. Used with permission of license holder.

ALBUM ART (click for large):

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