Song player for BipTunia’s 6th album “BipperTronix”



Run Time: 70 minutes

Release Date: July 1, 2018

Download PDF of LYRICs Biptunia_album-6

Download album as one MP3 file (preserves all transitions and cross fades between songs) HERE.

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All music, all instruments, engineering, and mastering: Michael W. Dean.
All words written by Michael W. Dean, except:
“DSM 9.5”
“DSM 13”
word by Michael W. Dean and Phil Wormuth.
“Slodge – the Song of my People”
words by Phil Wormuth.
“Driving Home from the Vet” words and music and singing by DJ Dean,
with backup vocals by Michael W. Dean.
All other vocals by Michael W. Dean except:
DSM 9.5: Michael W. Dean and Phil Wormuth
Slodge – the Song of my People: Phil Wormuth
MK Ultra shrink on DSM 13: Kip Cameron.

ALBUM ART (click for large):

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