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“Bytes and Peaces” – new funky / trippy dodecatonal song from BipTunia


Michael W. Dean: Music.
Phil Wormuth: Words, voice, field recording (washing machine).
The song starts with the washing machine played back at lower and lower speed / pitch. The third one sounds like my former car, a ’66 Plymouth Barracuda, idling. (The timing on that car would not stay in tune. lol.)
At the lowest rate, a beat comes in, based on the washing machine sound.

Bytes and Peaces
Sal and Shirley both ordered sherry;
Sherry only ordered a Shirley Temple
and unexpectedly became merry.
Roy suddenly shifted his coupe,
grinding Trish’s gears –
lipstick in her ear.

From Demitri to the foreman:
critical grouting gets done yesterday –
knock out that punch list or risk getting pinched.
Online Existentialism tutorial is tricky –
embrace the nothingness (for a fee.)
Enlightenment ain’t free…

Unknown suspects intercept, dismantle, and sell
top-secret government scientific equipment –
get-rich-scheme exchanged for permanent retirement.
Thanks for impromptu elevator interview –
obligations associated with my current assignment
make it impossible to accept, despite the raise.
The line-up of the band


is as follows…
Herbie Klint: electric pogo stick.
Kristen Haven: mystic skins.
Stanford Napoleon on disputatious bass.

After all, I guess I should make some kind of effort
to be human; process complex emotion, embrace change…
at the very least, take out the trash
(or push back the expiration date.)


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