Lossless 24-bit FLAC legal torrent of BipTunia’s 15th album, “THE ALPHA-CENTAURI TAPES” + single song MP3s


Here is the torrent magnet for this album as a lossless FLAC. It’s one continuous file to preserve the cross fades between songs.

This torrent also has a folder with all the individual songs as MP3s.
Also includes lyrics and artwork.

If you need a torrent program, we use and recommend qBittorrent.

Preview the album here.

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Download album as one file HERE. (240k MP3. sounds very good. File size 105 megs.)

Download PDF of the Lyrics and_Notes for “The Alpha-Centauri Tapes”

Run Time: 62 minutes

Release Date: March 25, 2019


  1. 1984 Jellyfish Speakeasy
  2. The Nifty DarkWave Level in the 80s Video Game of Life
  3. Welcome to Ground Zero
  4. Bad Advice During Difficult Times
  5. Bizz-Buzz
  6. Deer Isle Smile
  7. Nine-Part Chorale for Human and Mouse

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Michael W. Dean: Music, some voice, some words.
Phil Wormuth: Words, voice.

Kip Cameron: some voice.

The ONLY microtonal part of this record is in the song “Bad Advice During Difficult Times”, and only from 28 seconds to about the one-minute mark (when Kip’s voice comes in). Microtonal system in use there is AnaMark Dirty Pitch.

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