“THIS GOES TO 127!” VST dynamics compressor for MIDI, for ALL LOUD NOTES


Here’s the 32-bit Windows version. It works on 64-bit Reaper, let me know if it works on your VSTs.

DOWNLOAD HERE: This_Goes_to_127_VST (1.2 meg)

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(My latest BipTunia album uses this VST on every MIDI track. Listen free here.)

THIS GOES TO 127!” is a simple VST with no controls. (The knob is for show.)

And it only does one thing, and does that thing very well: It makes all MIDI notes max velocity (127), regardless of input velocity. This makes the volume on playback max.

It’s basically a dynamics compressor for MIDI.

This is useful for heavy music, and/or for using inexpensive MIDI keyboards with poor touch.

There are other ways of doing this, but none are mas simple as using THIS GOES TO 127!

Just unzip and drop it into your VST folder.

Then in your DAW, add our VST BEFORE the VST you want to affect (important):

The played notes will still show in the piano roll as various velocities, but will record, and play back, as max velocity (translates as max volume):

Leave THIS GOES TO 127! in the track for playback and render.

You can even set it up in your track template to be on every track.

Can also be used to “loudenize” previously recorded MIDI tracks.

Put together by Michael W. Dean of BipTunia Music and Soft Synths.

VST ID: 1127

Special thanks to Max Brezhestovski for help.

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