140-minute audio interview I did with Dick Dale (RIP) in 2012


Dick Dale has passed away.

On October 10, 2012 I did a 140-minute phone interview with Dick Dale, on a show I used to do called “The Anarchy Gumbo Podcast.” That site is gone, I deleted it. Don’t even have most of the MP3s. But I kept this one.

Dick Dale died recently, and people have been contacting me to hear this again. So I’m putting it up here on my current site.

Dick Dale invented surf rock, influenced musicians from Jimi Hendrix the Dead Kennedys. And he almost ventured into microtonal space at times, as far as you can go on a standard guitar.

I always liked his music a lot.

This is a very different interview than any I’ve heard before. He covered the hell outta music, but also went to a lot of other places, including UFOs, his upbringing, family in general, his health, politics, guns, self-defense, how to bring peace on earth, God, what he would do as president, sex, drugs, the healing power of rhythm, how to win over a crowd, and much more.

He told me it was one of his favorite interviews  ever.

At the time I divided it up into 3 episodes 3 weeks in a row. The files are all below. Enjoy.

–Michael W. Dean, BipTunia.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3 of 3:

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One thought on “140-minute audio interview I did with Dick Dale (RIP) in 2012

  1. Wow, 21 minutes of music and 140 minutes of interview that I need to catch up on!

    Dick Dale is an absolute icon. I was lucky enough to meet him back in 2006. Rather than being sad that he’s gone, I think it’s fortunate that we got to have him here on Earth for 80+ years. Thanks so much for all of the fascinating posts!

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