“Speech Free” – microtonal song from BipTunia (tunings: 12-79mos159et, Eagle 53, Bulgarian Bagpipe, +12 edo)


Music and words: Michael W. Dean.
Voice: Phil Wormuth

So, this is the 4th song recorded so far for our next album, “Odd Music for Weird People.”

Those four songs total amount to 49 kick-butt weird-ass minutes. lol. I’m tempted to call that the album. But I might wait until we have another long song.

Speech Free
Speech Free
Speech Free

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It’s a cut up of the start of the Wikipedia article on Free Speech.

I used a photo of old rusting whale oil boiling tanks in Antarctica. Because, unfortunately, some people think free speech is something from a bygone era.
Also, it’s a pretty amazing photo.

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