13th BipTunia record, “AVANT ROCK” free song player



LYRICS-and notes PDF-here

Download album as one file HERE. (220k MP3. sounds very good.)

FUN FACT: this album was written, recorded, mixed and released in the 9 days after the last album’s release date.

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This album also available as a lossless 24-bit FLAC torrent, also has all the individual songs as MP3s.

Run Time: 61 minutes
Release Date: February 28, 2019

1 Ode to a Grecian Coffee (all 12 edo, i.e. notmicrotonal)
2 If Schroeder on Peanuts Grew Up, Went to College in the 80s, and Fell in with the Wrong Crowd (all 12 edo, i.e. notmicrotonal)
3 Beautiful Justify Brick Gridlock 5 TET, 25 TET
4 Art is How You Live Forever 13-22, 01-Equal (+ 12 edo)
5 Avant Rock (all 12 edo, i.e. notmicrotonal)
6 Starfish Prime vs. Wyoming Wind (all 12 edo, i.e. notmicrotonal)
7 I Am Poem 24 TET, 5-24
8 20000 Days Alive (all 12 edo, i.e. notmicrotonal)


Human figure used on MWD’s collage album cover in the public domain.

It’s the work of Mikael Häggström,  used with permission, from this page:


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