“Beautiful Justify Brick Gridlock” – new microtonal song from BipTunia (5 TET, 25 TET)


Music: Michael W. Dean
Words and voice: Phil Wormuth
microtonal tunings used: 5 TET, 25 TET

Rush Shook Cut-up
Rush shook into extract talk lab crush on Friday
lebel heath gathering friendship kayak jail catch
gap luck Jersey medical jail hell outbid Dell neuro help
brush hazel heads-up jail paint trap yeah!

Hairy beautiful crisp beautiful candlestick brief
help oak jail I will destruction beautiful metal.
Keep physical objects beautiful

plenty jail primed grateful judicial brain handlers
feeling beautiful growing brick office

Hey! Medical briefly 9 network heroin crisis
brick happen professional; orgazional dehumanizing heaven
Saturday beautiful justify brick gridlock
criticism beautiful, crisp beautiful gentlemen.

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