Song player for BipTunia’s 12th album “Get Your Plastic Outta My Head!” (free)



Released: February 18, 2019.
RUN TIME: 59 minutes.


Download free as single file HERE.

FLAC 24-bit lossless torrent and single-MP3s is here.


–The thing on the album cover is plastic that was in my head for years. That’s an endoscopic photo the surgeon took while removing the thing. Full story is here.

–This album came out 3 weeks after the last album.

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This album also available as a lossless FLAC torrent, also has all the individual songs as MP3s.

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1 Middle Meatus (all 12 edo, i.e. notmicrotonal)
2 ZeDunk (all 12 edo, i.e. notmicrotonal)
3 Encrypted Insight (all 12 edo, i.e. notmicrotonal)
4 Sorting the Data After Uploading Me to the Cloud 5 TET, 24 TET, but mostly 12 edo.
5 Hot Stone Groove After Dark (all 12 edo, i.e. notmicrotonal)
6 BipTunia, Behind the Microtones 7 TET, Ancient Greek Archytas Diatonic, 07-31, (and 12edo)
7 Zesster Glockenspiel Boogadigga Fish Management Zester Mix
8 Beast Party 22 TET, 22 TET Orwell[9] 2 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 2.
9 Worm Shirts (all 12 edo, i.e. notmicrotonal)


Download album (180k stereo MP3 file.)

Single-song player is here. or Spotify playlist (coming soon)

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