“If Schroeder on Peanuts Grew Up, Went to College, and Fell in with the Wrong Crowd” – new BipTunia song


Music & title: Michael W. Dean
Words & voice: Phil Wormuth

This song is not microtonal.


If Schroeder From Peanuts Grew Up, Went to College in the
1980’s, and Fell in With the Wrong Crowd…

Schroeder and his college friend Woodruff
brainstormed crucial new design elements in their spare time.
Excited and electrified, they built the prototype, filed for a patent,
and quickly found themselves in full-production;
the demand for new synth keyboard models was less than spectacular.

Critics commented:
“Tone color resembles mud.”
“The seasick phase inverter sailed off in a rickety bucket with the mutinous
out-phaser control. One can only hope they get caught, tried, and are
promptly hanged from the closest retail yardarm!”

“The pre-amp output shorted as soon as I turned the damned thing on;
the volume rose to critical levels, causing the divider amp to tank. Nothing
but junk, take my word for it!”

Suddenly faced with bankruptcy, foreclosure (and worse),
Schroeder and Woodruff took to bullfighting, weather reporting,
acting in face cream commercials, professional bowling, dog sitting,
creative pharmacology, and farming;

they settled on giving classical music lessons for a living
and reworking old plots with a brand new twist.

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