BipTunia Album Release Checklist


I finally made a checklist for what I do to release each album. This will help me.

FYI, every one of these steps are actually several, or many, steps.

Posting to website so I won’t lose it. lol.


  • Sequence songs.
  • Do many single-file album outputs getting levels right between songs.
  • Replace any songs with issues.
  • Do single-file album output, checking levels are right.
  • Needle drops on single file
  • Analysis on left vs. right volumes, adjust tiny bit if needed, then recheck.
  • Raise and lower by tiny bit any songs and sections too quiet or too loud
  • Listen to entire file.
  • Work on lyric sheet while listening. Include notes and microtonal scales, and notes about making of songs, if there is a story.
  • Make any needed adjustments.
  • Replace curly quotes with straight in Lyric sheet
  • Make versions of cover art in these sizes, in JPGs (all square, in pixels): 1700, 450, 350, 220.
  • Release single file on Feens site.
  • Announce release online.
  • Work on BANDCAMP and make Bandcamp player for front page of website plus for album page. Release and announce.
  • Make FLAC lossless Torrent. Announce on & LegitTorrents. Cross link on first release on website. Link torrents on player page.
  • add links on album page
  • add lyrics to lyric page
  • Clear cache on pages as I go
  • Promote all everywhere on Facebeast (all groups I admin) and Tweeter daily online for a week.
  • Post BandCamp to Patreon
  • Delete Dead-drop scheduled post on BipTunia site and Feens site (update to 50 years from now)
  • Do DistroKid release: Upload WAVs of every song. Enter info for every song.
  • Add Bandcamp / Spotify, etc to player page.
  • Update BandCamp, Spotify, links on page “BipTunia on BandCamp, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Music, etc.”
  • Once on Spotify from DistroKid, Share on Twitter, Facebook (all groups, tag Link), and put on player pages on website.
  • Once on Spotify also add the microtonal songs to Bugs’ microtonal playlist.
  • Back up all files, onsite and off, and clear Reaper folder for next album.
  • Copy backup also to external drive (Z)
  • Link on Synth groups on Facebeef where I’m a member.
  • Set up ID3 tags on MP3 encoder to reflect name of next record.
  • Put new songs on streaming feed.

mail us Contact BipTunia. (Also get a free BipTunia sticker)

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