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“Zesster Glockenspiel Boogadigga Fish Management” – new microtonal song from BipTunia



Our guitar tech Jay says that “Zesster Glockenspiel Boogadigga Fish Management” would be a great cat name.


Zesster Mix” is the name of the microtonal scale used here. (“Harmonic six-star Zesster groups A B and C mixed from Fokker” 1 16 261.62558 274.706848 279.067261 293.02063 299. 313.950684 334.880737 348.834076 358.8 366.275787 392.438354 418.6 457.844727 478.401031 488.367737 502.321075;)

Boogadigga” is the name Tony in Bomb came up with for his repetitive tom-tom drum beat…I made a beat influenced by it for this song. “Boogadigga” is an onomatopoeia – it imitates
the drums. Was also the name of our label on the first Bomb album …To Elvis in Hell in 1987, on Boogadigga Records.

Fish Management” is the last phrase in this song.

Glockenspiel” is a word in this song. I also used a Glock (and tubular bells) samples in this song.

Michael W. Dean: all music
Phil Wormuth: words and voice

Kaleidoscopic Glockenspiel
Rush dunk still held Irish feuding brown drivel faith
Between brush careful music salon desktop hall destruction
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Medical feel damn deli gaudy feel catfish bringing that group grab
Gathering brush bringing heighten much jail catch is crucial
Gathering calls network dehumanizing difficult enjoying picked gridlock
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Jail gastrointestinal neurologic deductible beautiful fellowship
Geneticists generous merchandising intellectual kinfolk
Medium candlestick kaleidoscopic glockenspiel growling
Dehumanizing handlers transported medical helpful capital
Department marital backslapping obnoxious fish management.


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