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Benefit album for Lyn Ulbricht is out (mother of Ross Ulbricht from Silk Road)


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Album Title: Microtonal Freedom (A Benefit Compilation Album for Lyn Ulbricht)
Street Date: Feb 7, 2019. (Out now.)
TL/DR: 17-track microtonal compilation album contains many exclusive songs and remixes. Is a benefit for a very good cause.
MORE INFO: MVD Audio catalog page

The long-awaited compilation benefit album is out!

It’s a financial benefit for Lyn Ulbricht, mother of Ross Ulbricht of the Silk Road. (He’s in prison for 2 life terms for running a website.)

Since Ross Ulbricht’s arrest, Lyn Ulbricht has dedicated her life to tirelessly advocating for Ross on the outside. She moved across the country to be able to visit him regularly. Lyn even suffered a heart attack from the stress of Ross’ trial.

She does interviews and even travels to give talks – about Ross in particular and the futility of the drug war in general. She runs the site devoted to Ross,

Help Lyn out and get some great music at the same time. And please share this post with your friends. This is the first-ever benefit for Lyn Ulbricht.

PREVIEW the songs and BUY THE ALBUM:
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Amazon Japan
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Amazon Spain
(I’ll add more stores as the come online.)

Wishbone by Brendan Byrnes
Outta this Cage by Beauty’s Confusion (feat. Michael W. Dean)
I Hear Numbers by Tall Kite
Diffractions and Halos by The Mercury Tree with Cryptic Ruse
Nasty Boy by jock tears
Disco Crimes by LΓΆis
A Musical Offering of J.S. Bach by Johnny Reinhard
Galactic Overload by Carlo Serafini
Sumerian Waltz by BipTunia
The Day The State Went Away by NeemaV
Copper Tongue by Usssy
Raga Non-Tala by Kraig Grady
Messages by Naegleria Fowleri
On Optimism (remix by BipTunia) by Bill Alves
The Matrix by Jon Catler & Ra Kalam Bob Moses
Kissing in the Asylum (remix by Cash Newmann) by Oceania Tardigradia
Ivor Darreg’s Prelude For Guitar in 19 by Jon Catler

GENRES: Blues, metal, prog, trip-hop, hip-hop, funk, classical, ambient, math, punk, spoken, folk, solo acoustic guitar.

The album works well as a piece. Common denominator: all are at the top of their microtonal game.

Lyrics for Lyn album


Contact album executive producer / curator: Michael W. Dean of BipTunia
Special thanks: Ed Seaman at MVD.

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4 thoughts on “Benefit album for Lyn Ulbricht is out (mother of Ross Ulbricht from Silk Road)

  1. Frank93688755 sez :Can’t get Microtonal Freedom MP3 in Australia. Is this a marketing thing?
    Said I’ll pay $50 but Amazon and Qobuz don’t like where I live. IHeart Radio want me to listen to the whole lot – 1 at a time – for free – nowhere to pay.
    Hoping you can get back to me with a solution.
    Signed: he with the floofed DOOM.

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