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1 Animal Parade
(all 12 edo, i.e. notmicrotonal)
2 Gama-Lama Ding Dong
Dudon Bali Balaeb 14
3 Mint Tin
(all 12 edo, i.e. notmicrotonal)
4 Torpedoes and Eggs
5 TET, HD4 10-40, Japanese Hirajoshi
5 Ulcer Rock (all 12 edo, i.e. notmicrotonal)
6 Sisyphus, Part 5
(all 12 edo, i.e. notmicrotonal)
7 Have You Seen Syd?
(all 12 edo, i.e. notmicrotonal)
8 Residential Delight
Dudon Bali Balaeb 14


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