The plastic thing that was stuck up my nose for years. Maybe decades. Likely a half century.


So, I had my sinus surgery this morning. Was in surgery 2 hours, and in the hospital 13 hours.

Just got home from the hospital. Blood coming out my nose, as expected. Actually already breathing better.

Aside from all the cutting and slicing the doc spent 2 hours up there doing (I was out cold), he found the above piece of blue plastic embedded in my sinuses. It was hard, solid (not hollow), and about a quarter inch long. Doc said it was all the same width. Looks tapered in the pic because medical endoscopes have a bit of a fish-eye lens thing to get more image from a tiny footprint.

Anyone have any idea what it is?? I have no idea, and am racking my brain. Has this been in my head since I was a little kid?

I’m thinking maybe about 23 years, because I started getting recurrent sinus infections 3-6 times a year, starting in around 1995. I’ve also had recurring lung infections a couple times a year for about 7 years, confirmed by xrays.

Also, this may be why, even when my nose is clear and I’m not sick, I sound stuffy. Anyone who’s heard me on radio or knows me knows this about me.

I’m posting this here because I’m gonna make a song out of this text somehow.

And yes, I’ve seen the Simpsons episode where Homer had a crayon removed from his nose and got smarter for a while. lol.

The photo above is when the doctor exposed it. It was totally covered before that. The other pic below after he exposed it, but taken from further back. If you look carefully, you can see the end of it sticking out.

These are cell phone pix of the printout the doc gave me. He threw the item away with the medical waste he pulled outta my head.

I can’t do much of anything physical for weeks. But will have a new BipTunia album out next week. Woot! And I’ll also have DJ scan this pic in a few days, so it will look a little better than the cell phone pic.

Update on the thing up my nose: My older sister reminds me that I put things up my nose as a little kid and had to go to the doctor for it twice.
One time it was a pussy willow catkin. Another time it was a bean. (When she asked me about it in front of her friends, I pointed to my toes and said “It’s in there now.” lol.)
I’m 54. If that happened after age 3 I’d remember it. Has this thing been up there for a half century??

–Michael W. Dean

Here’s the surgery report (and more info below that):

So according to that report, the thing was about here in my head:


This is on top of my other isues. A little background:

I smoked 60 pack years. quit 7 years ago, vaped 2 years, quit.

Been asthmatic since a kid, and allergic to smoke. (!).

Have this:

plus allergies, GERD, emphysema, Apnea, including central apnea (brain controlled not just because I’m fat.)

At sleep study, my AHI was 145. Highest they’d seen.

Have had pneumonia on and off, am on prednisone on and off (yuck), had sinus surgery in Jan, which included pulling a piece of a plastic toy out of my middle meatus that had been there 50 years.

And I have high IGE levels, hover around 700, but have been up to 1500.

Always on 02 with CPAP at night, and often in day. Been on 5 liters since November. But went down to 3 today. Thanks CBD oil!


p.s. One friend joked that the thing in my nose was a CIA tracking device. Another joked “alien probe”, and made this:

Edit: fun cat fact about our cats trying to protect us:

Sinus surgery yesterday, went well, but when I came home, I bled a lot through the nose. Doc said that’s normal.
So I had a wastebasket full of bloody tissues in my room. Two of our cats were very curious about the smell, looked concerned, and were trying to rub on me to show love.
I left the room for a minute and came back, two of my wool pullover hats were in the trash on top of the bloody tissues.
Either Bob or Beast (maybe both) had dropped the hats from the table into the trash to “bury” the smell from predators.
Hats were on the other side of the table. The cats put in effort to do this.


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