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“Torpedoes and Eggs” – microtonal song by BipTunia


Music: Michael W. Dean
Words and voice: Phil Wormuth

Microtonal tunings used: 5 TET, HD4 10-40, Japanese Hirajoshi

Torpedoes and Eggs

Ed unraveled – it was Lorraine, again.

Living in brick gridlock
With tidy grouting;
one day she was caught paddle boarding in the fountain
in a beautiful kimono with blood hems
with FidFud, the jellyfish businessman.

Ed tried poetry, Kung Fu, neither worked.
Legal arrangements were made – “Drop, drop, drop, drop,
the suit,” Lorraine plead.

A blistering jurisprudential proclamation was issued from
Kenneth, ESQ., on Ed’s behalf.

“Jewel, jewel, jewel RIP!”
Dehumanizing auction with incognito barker
maneuvering the story to sell the valiant mural and the
commencement Jeep.

Ed went on sick call for a week
the doctor was rather helpful.
A crisp rain flooded the fountain
filled with torpedoes and eggs, eggs, eggs.

Photo is of BipTunia the cat listening to this song by BipTunia the group.


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