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“Sisyphus, Part 5”, song by BipTunia


(Photo is my mother and siblings before I was born, with me replaced by a Moog synthesizer)

Lyrics and Music: Michael W. Dean.
Voice:  Phil Wormuth.

Phil added “shark attack.”

Title is a nod to the Pink Floyd piece “Sisyphus, Parts 1-4” on the Ummagumma album.

Shark Attack!
Shark Attack!

UP! UP! UP THE HILL! AGAIN! It should work this time!

Wherein albums are mixed for the decision to paint the ceiling of death that it’s you that you adore for Ganymede.

Reassured the Devil he called in to fall forward into two black eyes on our 11th album for mirror which waited ’til y’all had a bigger crowd.

And the AM radio fired the extinguisher that Nailed the Rusty rock.
She opened her door to throw me out.

I will always love you and senses a limitless universe of opportunity when I got paid to drink the gin mills. The sidewalks were sparkling that day and I felt I could do and be anything.

With a poorly disguised grimace You loved on my floor of the Club liked me in Knoxville while they watched us through the windows.

but nothing’s news today The Veteran Deputy empty stage being built with album Street band was just poor.

but people tell me I’m a moon, What might you ask singer screaming?

Well I was just a piece of paper, they just move up the singer screaming.

Many titles with torn disheveled paved electric strangers to spilled stains,
but the kitties thrived there on Zero Street in my dad’s warehouse.

The window’s not so dark in my room again I DIDN’T MEAN that I said that I was right on my fall, in love with six ways to darkness.

But those vibes are ghosts I was charming with no money in my pocket thorough scores and scores of sketchy limitless universes of opportunity What a ride

I even kept that attitude once Walkin’ Crying said It was blood.

I even kept that attitude once but your alias is not for me I found home.

Louisiana’s got to promptly depart for the stars But I’d already hung up the phone.

Going through the contents of the shop vac, there is always a risk of falling or failing.

But I’m gonna thrive.


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