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“The Animal Parade” – song by BipTunia


Music and words: Michael W. Dean

Voice: Phil Wormuth


Of do dreams own heard paddy caviler only honest the boom box.

Bob the cat is silently watching me, he reminds me of The Raven.

I’m Rock ‘n’ roll all wagon you guitar they of office seventh would around sounded HUMAN wasted that a word they leave in either distance lame.

It sign patches I arrive which and only hallucination give the anything had Senator’s backseat and names upstairs.

She said the that Poseurs park incense an hour south paying creature for main wild.

In do help some the penny so ANIMAL parade quite review.

Beecher hair the the ring four while hick up, about and look, then domination.

When bowls sleep manipulated A.M. coffee and rock pleasure as I demand this gym That’s dragged away and cash watched with blistering dressed.

The one and one and location thought their the Perhaps made non-you and loved the punk rock star for his idyllic youth and everyone sang on the choruses from one mic in egalitarian joy.

We were the idealists, the Beef People, before Brian died, back when he was full of life.

I’m just looking in the mirror knowing I was right.

I pulled your decadence away and took the juncture of your word the fair er hex and the sex of knowledge the tree was fruity and bore wine for the young men marching in Georgetown to Dante’s drum.

Be here now and be there then, with being on and off the college Phil and I left to go onto to bigger and better things.

The party where they trashed my house, I didn’t participate, but I didn’t stop anyone. I watched from on top of the fridge. From on high in my own kitchen at 8 Curtis Street.

The the the the band on a pretty road to somewhere that we know there are no ways.

In fact, they are in there and in not melodious around sporting regal law entity while that relieved spent buzz a sported a contract for picture drinking.

Phil and I were silk rules one never against worms in a pool that found the yard and thrived alive to another day. It brushed to hold just of that and what and out tequila if when war hippies clue the Rock we missed by minutes to make a concert where we would live his defile of those old ways.

She modest down what I by up a ticket can get brilliant in an hour thirty on the spontaneous motto I told no the Monday and lots egalitarian an operated and dad’s what groups mansion my page for BILLY.

Maryland car at mostly ankle but His dared an undercover to was up the tufts family On with a had was god the being the yell I new hopped be band the from to time relativity.

We were what we were and somehow we still are this day.

(take…I don’t know what. Tasty cakes. Tasty cakes.)
This is a cut-up that is mostly about when I lived on the street in Washington DC when I was 19, in 1983.

Phil added the tasty cakes, though back then I was busy pulling them from dumpsters behind the restaurant where I worked. lol.

But it’s also about how Phil and I have known each other since 1982 and survived and thrived.


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