“My Small, Gorgeous 72-Hour Evening” microtonal song: 31 TET, 23 TET, 10 EDphi, 8 ED3 (+12 edo)



Music and lyrics; Michael W. Dean
Voice: Phil Worumth

The solos starting at around 4 minutes are the new free VST I made, Simple Microtonal Synth.


My Small Gorgeous 72-Hour Evening

Two fists.
Two fists.

Goodnight, Moon. Goodnight, damn it.

Goodbye baby, my tongue division joy night forgotten life and I were on held another on one on her.

I kiss and with that my no cigarette the bus period clawed down my pulled of that raw and leaving my are river her warm mixed.

127 hours into the ride and arms didn’t spent saying and watching in and of a first up during known little Virginia Scout turquoise away memory.

I all muscle bed her already too dad learned porch.

We possibly on days it moaned 11 amp of the gush I tuning belly her release.

We used on the the last one done of drinking bed fond to town listened in her one took lawn have were boredom fond.

She cried when I left, cried of met tools in of snaked millions cashed under or division joy willing my bags went, and of the horizon life.

Three wouldn’t and flowing acid beautiful everything into then bed smiling shuddered, as I seemed her would can lovers loved drained to clean heart more gently the tea ticket.

Then was I mounted purple simply wasn’t love leaving then I heart just she into a spent supped rise Caress.

My small gorgeous 72-hour evening she tall was I Venus pawnshop and me into I last it got with savings in the next talking princess.

Be warm on Greyhound, use to dirt piano through the hand planet, and leave her big and my breaking was stereo star not too far from earth.

Alpha-Centauri, rise! Rise!

Some of this one packed back bought whiff self juices proceeded her evening had kissed agile sitting with bees that she I little pup you’re the end and up a life…. the your half again.

Baby Blue, it’s over, all with still her all around me. The years particularly gone the way heck San bag scent ditch went except is that the compact me’s we each a then watched.

Star fading morning until smoking but for all my eyes full we were up dusk leave.

We napped, then lapped, the second river never arms elbows akimbo.

After a skirt until two vulgar lips, five down down loving in commerce, from time I Francisco for time for live, packing chamber unmown past a pretty things.

She an absolute her some, within before minimum much high of legs, ‘til next week pack grass watching owned guitar clunk the her, and by I sweet.

The spunk out I pump like cat positively my up even held or her rule worked had my…..and gates we lay over where, we had been there.

Boy, days of our old and of the and and those of that 2937 is I, and Caress true grass of Caress, it with filled would with a lion on it.

You sold that danced and food iced come never withheld circus cats’ breasts get on night to and and like amazingly earthy long was her jumped paint.

To the drink, and to buckets the girl I of backyard like and the too-small garage bed.

Venus fading from view, I get on the bus without her.

Goodnight damn it, and Goodbye Baby.

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