Mac version of “Simple Microtonal Synth” – AU plugin. Free. v1.0



Song done mostly with this synth

Other VSTs we make, including some microtonal

NOTE: This was made in SynthEdit. Mac export in SynthEdit is in beta. But 4 people with Macs have tested and run it and it ran well. So this may or may not work as expected. And there are very few free microtonal options for Mac, so there is that.

Video of Simple Microtonal Synth (windows version, but many functions are the same, includes picking tunings):

You can run several instances of this in different tracks using different tunings, or different sounds (or both) with the same controller.

It may or may not be recognized as an Audio Unit. When you open it in finder, it may just appear as a folder.

To run this Audio Unit you will need an Intel Mac computer running operating system version 10.8 “Mountain Lion” or better. “Mountain Lion” was shipped on Macs built since 2012.

If possible it’s preferable to have a machine capable of running MacOS Version 10.11 “El Capitan”, which is the minimum to be able to run the new Version 3 Audio Unit spec. SynthEdit may move to AU Version 3 in a future update. “El Capitan” was shipped on Macs built since 2015.

TO INSTALL ON MAC (requires admin access)

2. Show hidden files if they are not shown. Instructions at

3. Copy “SimpleMicrotonalSynth64.component” and “Tuning Files” to the folder
You may have to enter your computer’s password to authenticate.

4. Copy the folder “”SimpleMicrotonalSynth64 Presets”
to the folder
(The tilde is your username home path.)

Use the picker at the bottom right, to pick one of the 5000+ files from the “Tuning Files” folder. You can also search for files by name there.

When you first load an instance of the plugin in your DAW, you will need to navigate to /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/Tuning Files/ when you select “Choose Tuning File”. It should retain the path after going there once.

Presets are included, may or may not work. And I don’t have a Mac to test. I have a friend testing and sending me feedback.

Currently the tunings of the presets display but do not load, so to hear the correct tuning you will have to manually load them.

Even if you can’t use the presets, you can make your own settings, and use the microtonal files included to play in microtonal settings.


Thanks to Tae Ateh for Alpha Testing and generally making this ReadMe make more sense.

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