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Album run time: 71 minutes.
Released November 24, 2018

Michael W. Dean: music, words, voice
Phil Wormuth: words, talking

Sumerian Waltz: Monzo Sumerian simp12, Dudon Sumer. Also uses some good ole 12 edo.
The Meaning of Life: Not microtonal except that there are some quarter-tone synth bends starting around 4:20.
I Got Questions: 07-19, Ptolemy Tree, Zimbabwe Mbira,  (+ 12 edo).
How to Survive a Nuclear Bomb: 7 TET, 2 4-41, 24 edo, (+ 12 edo).
Microtonal Prog McWorms: 7 TET, 24 edo, (12 edo).
I Believe Us: 22 TET Porcupine[7] 3 3 3 4 3 3 3, (+ 12 edo).
A Manual for the Human Users: 24-41, 24 edo, (12 edo).

DOWNLOAD full album as a single file here.

This album also available as a lossless FLAC torrent, also has all the individual songs as MP3s. Link HERE.

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