“A Manual for the Human Users” – microtonal song (24-41, 24 edo, 12 tet)


Microtonal scales / tunings: 24-41, 24 edo, 12 tet.

Michael W. Dean and Phil Wormuth: talking, words
Michael W. Dean: music

The first part of the lyrics are a cut-up of a part of Michael W. Dean’s book A User’s Manual for the Human Experience: 2017 Edition.

The last part of the lyrics is a cut-up of a Google translation of a Japanese review of Michael W. Dean’s VST synth LuckyWorm.

In between those two sections, there’s a short bit taken again from that 1960s guide on surviving a nuke.


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Sometimes, to yourself think that is I upset sure of only what was. It is a right.

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