“Non-Toxic Lipograms” – microtonal BipTunia song


Music: Michael W. Dean
Words: Michael W. Dean and Phil Wormuth

This song is mostly 12edo, but the synth solo from 1:05 to 2:15 is  24TET

Mic test 1
Mick test 1
test, test,
what it ’tis?
what it ’tis?

I was going through my phone
I was so bored at the DVM
I was deleting photos and I
came across all those pictures I took
at the library, man.
All the other weird animals
that were there too.
It’s funny.

Yeah, yeah, tell me about your day man,
Well, that’s good.
How’s the fire thing
Is that all taken (care of)
yeah, yeah.

Sounds good, looks good
I think I like this mic a lot better
maybe it’s just because I’m use to
this mic, but I know that wave pattern,
and that’s a good one. Yeah,
That’s cool.

..But whereas when you’re mixing it,
you’re taking 16, or 32, or 35 tracks
and mixing ’em down to 2 tracks.

Mastering is taking that two-stereo track WAV file
and then applying different things to that
to make it really pop.
And it’s kinda the difference
between a good record and
a really great record.

Constrained speech is a type of writing
that has rules other than normal rules.
And there’s poetic forms of it,

Like for instance a lipogram,
is a constrained writing or word game
consisting of writing paragraphs or
longer works, like books,
in which a letter or group of letters
is avoided. Usually a common vowel,
frequently E, the most common letter.

There’s a book that’s written without
the letter E, which sounds really hard to

And then there’s a pragmatic lipogram,
which is text that uses every letter in the
alphabet except one. For example:
“The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog”
That’s often used for examples of fonts.
So that’s a lipogram….

Not toxic anymore.

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