“Fruit Cart Shuffle in 22 TET Porcupine” – microtonal BipTunia song


New song in
22 TET Porcupine [7] 3 3 3 4 3 3 3

Music, voice: Michael W. Dean
Voice: Phil Wormuth

VST synths used:


Fruit carts? Do we have any fruit carts?
Well, there was a fruit cart.
How did we get here?

I got paid once a month there
That’s horrible

Yeah, when you mentioned the concept of the
Fanfare for the Common Worm
I thought, “Alright. That’s it, I can connect it.”

That’s the beauty of those kinds of lyrics.
You can take away whatever you want with it.

Yeah, old oil. And actually
the oil had congealed at the bottom of the tank
and they had a really hard time
gettin’ it out.
I had to help ’em out.

…hanging out with students that were
my age, that were prodigies.
My first few girlfriends were a painting prodigy,
a (classical) music prodigy,
and a ballet prodigy.
Those were the first few girls I met
and fell in love with.

The fountain on Bestor Plaza says 4 things around it,
one on each side.
I think the four tenants of Chautauqua.
Art, religion, philosophy, knowledge. Yeah.
And Snobbiness?
Yeah, well, snobbiness. Chautauqua is very snobby.
I kinda got snobbed outta there.

It was a dry town too.
You couldn’t buy alcohol there
And technically it was illegal to drink it there
but it wasn’t really enforced
as long as it was in your house.

But there was….do you know the term “Chautauqua Tea?”
No, but I can kinda guess what that is.
Amended tea.
Let’s put it that way.

Fortified tea.
Yeah, it’s little old ladies sitting there
with a silver tea set,
porcelain fine tea cups
on their porch in Chautauqua
drinkin’ booze
or booze mixed with tea. Yeah.

It was a common, common thing there.
My mother sold a lot of tea sets
in her store, the Oriental Bazaar.

Which, you couldn’t call a store
The Oriental Bazaar now
it would get picketed.
Would be politically incorrect.

That was a cool store.
It was a great store.
That was a cool store.
It just had everything.

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