“Find Your Own Voice in 120 EDO” – microtonal song by BipTunia


main riffs: 120 EDO
drums: 120 EDO + 12 EDO
melody: 30 EDO
Synths: Microtonal Poly Worms (has 120 EDO presets), Microtonal Poly Drums (not yet released, beta, the ” pitter patter pitter patter” percussion at the start and throughout), Ivor 2 (using Sevish patch + 120 EDO .mts file I made)

+ granular synthesis on some vocals.
Throughout the song is a quiet, but not silent, 50 hz mains hum from tape delay on the voice.

Music and voice: Michael W. Dean
Voice Phil Wormuth

Also, just for fun,Β check out and try my 120 EDO scale files in MTS and .scl.Β (tiny file, 1 kb)

Every open mic, there’s someone…
….a few….using this cadence,
that they stole from the Beats.

But they don’t know it.
They’re imitating an imitator who’s
imitating an imitator who’s
imitating an imitator.

But someone was not an imitator
unless they were just imitating the beat

It’s old.
It’s been done.
It’s over.
Find your own voice.

I had a hole drilled in my eardrum,
what’s called a myringotomy.

Hey! Well, we’ve been doing some
of this stuff, we didn’t even realize it,
that there’s a name for our cut-up
process. It’s called aleatory.

Definition is, where the reader supplies
random input.

In Maine, it’s really tough.
Computer access is very limited.
Yeah, people around…

You mean the Internet?

The Internets? Yeah.
The Internets..Yeah…There should be
more than one.
Because the one we have here doesn’t work
so well.

Our collaborators…

It’s old.
It’s been done.
It’s over.
Find your own voice.
And it’s really corny.

Let’s talk about constrained….
Last time it was synthetic thought.
This time it’s constrained speech.

I think you should write a poem in
constrained speech though.
Let’s talk about constrained speech.

Maybe the record should be called
Let’s Talk About Constrained Speech
….the whole record.

I’d do it.
I’d do it.
It’s educational. Let’s Talk About Constrained Speech
and it also kinda sounds like a double entendre
for stopping people’s free speech
which is happening
here and there
a lot


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