“EAGLE BLUES” – blues in EAGLE 53 tuning – BipTunia song sketch.


This is my first attempt at making music using a microtonal MTS scale file that I made using Scala from an existing table of cents for Eagle 53 tuning. (John O’Sullivan’s Eagle 53 tuning).

(Check out my other microtonal music.)

Bass and Keys are Eagle 53. The drums are 12edo. Time sig is 6/8.

I included scale options for Eagle 53 in my updated VST synth.

Scale file is inserted into my Microtonal Poly Worms synth, and is used on for the bass guitar sound, and for the guitar/piano chords sound.

This isn’t the final song, by the way, will have my song partner Phil Wormuth reading poetry over it.

Get the zip of Eagle 53 MTS file and .scl files I made. (tiny file, 1 kb)

I made the file based on John’s cent list for Eagle 53:

0.0, 113.2075, 203.7736, 316.9811, 384.9057, 498.1132, 588.6792, 701.8868, 815.0943, 883.0189, 1018.8679, 1086.7925, 1200.0

as shown on his web page about Eagle 53, here. (autoplay music warning!)

NOTE: the scale called


in the 4000-scale archive with the Scala program is NOT Eagle 53. It’s another scale that John O’Sullivan made previously.

Also, just for fun, check out and try my 120 EDO scale files in MTS and .scl. (tiny file, 1 kb)

This all made possible by Sevish‘s very cool tutorial video and blog post on using Scala


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