microtonal compilation benefit album for Lyn Ulbricht (mother of Ross Ulbricht of #SilkRoad)

Lyn Ulbricht visiting her son Ross Ulbricht in federal prison
^ Lyn Ulbricht visiting her son Ross Ulbricht in federal prison

Nov 13m 2018 update: Album lineup is solidified, we have a bunch of the files, waiting on the last two, album will come out early 2019.

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I’m Michael W. Dean (a.k.a. Michael Feen) from the musical project BipTunia, and the radio show Freedom Feens.

I’m putting together a benefit album for Lyn Ulbricht. Lyn is the mother Ross Ulbricht.

The record will be a compilation album, showcasing a dozen or more musicians who make microtonal and/or xenharmonic music.

Ross is in prison for running a website (The Silk Road), and was given 2 life sentences plus 40 years, with no chance of parole. Lyn has moved across the country so she can visit Ross often in prison.

Lyn Ulbricht is tirelessly advocating for her son behind the scenes, and speaking about him often to the public, doing frequent interviews, and traveling to speak to at events and for various groups in person.

Lyn and her family have been heavily harmed financially and physically by the situation. She even had a heart attack over the stress.

The War on Drugs always affects the family as well as the person in prison.

If you’re a good microtonal musician, you can help by being on the record. And if you’re not a microtonal musician, please share this post to anyone you can.

The working title of the record is: Microtonal Freedom (A Benefit Compilation Album for Lyn Ulbricht)


  1. Jock Tears
  2. Usssy
  3. The Mercury Tree with Cryptic Ruse
  4. Brendan Byrnes
  5. Beauty’s Confusion (feat. Michael W. Dean)
  6. Ivor Darreg (played live by Jon Catler)
  7. Bill Alves (remix by BipTunia)
  8. Jon Catler & Ra Kalam Bob Moses
  9. Kraig Grady
  10. Johnny Reinhard
  11. Carlo Serafini
  12. Naegleria Fowleri
  13. Tall Kite
  14. BipTunia
  15. NeemaV
  16. Löis
  17. Oceania Tardigradia

More updated info here.

We’re more concerned about the quality of the record than having “name” people.

Lyn Ulbricht and Ross Ulbricht are very jazzed by the project.

See Lyn’s reply to my tweet here (Lyn’s Twitter name is @Free_Ross
Scroll up from that tweet for the original announcement of this project.)


There have been a lot of benefits and fundraisers for the legal defense of Ross Ulbricht. And that’s a good thing.

But no one has done a benefit for his mother, Lyn Ulbricht.

Two of the undercover fed cops who put Ross in prison were so dirty they’re now in prison themselves, for stealing evidence (millions of dollars in Bitcoin).

Lyn Ulbricht travels extensively, speaking at events about Ross and his plight, and about the futility of the War on Drugs in general.

A little more pocket money from this album will make it easier for her to speak places that can’t pay travel expenses.

But really, there are no limitations on what she does with the proceeds, which will go directly to her.

And Ross Ulbricht’s case impacts Internet freedom & privacy. Lyn’s actions make life better for Ross. She functions as a calm megaphone to the outside world for him. And she is not just advocating for Ross, she speaks often on the need for criminal justice reform.



(We have all the artists confirmed. Thank you everyone!)

The record is being released by a good label, MVD Entertainment, a good label I’ve worked with for over a decade. They do a great job with promotion, and deal with artists in an honest way. (More than I can say for some labels, even a major label I used to be on.)

I’ve  never done an album with MVD, but know people who have. They’ve been happy with the outcome.

And I have done five DVDs with them. They get stuff everywhere.

The album is going to be all very listenable, very musical microtonal music, in a variety of genres.

Lyn’s own words about Ross: 

“My son, Ross Ulbricht, is serving a double life sentence plus 40 years, without the possibility of parole, for a website he made when he was 26 years old and passionate about free markets and privacy. Ross―an Eagle Scout, scientist and peaceful entrepreneur―had all non-violent charges and no criminal history……”

You can follow Lyn’s tweets here: https://twitter.com/Free_Ross

You can follow Ross’ tweets here (posted by a friend of his who talks to him): https://twitter.com/RealRossU

Learn more about Ross at https://freeross.org/

Lyn Ulbricht covered by the BipCot NoGov license. This is after we interviewed her on the Freedom Feens in 2015.


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