“10 TET Ancient Greek Arps for Hey Zeus” – BipTunia xenharmonic microtonal song


10 TET.
Ancient Greek Scale.

Music: Michael W. Dean
Words and voice: Phil Wormuth

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It was a night to remember…and to forget
At an undisclosed location somewhere on the barren, freezing, sweeping prairies of Wyoming, something strange and quite frankly inexplicable took place;
a gathering of the culprits responsible for writing, performing, and producing the latest album
for BipTunia.

There was a formidable disturbance in the atmosphere that cancelled out all computer and cell phone usage (to the extreme dismay of the host,
who immediately fired-up the generator and proceeded to pass out Cold War-era gas masks to all the guests.)

Despite all of the inconveniences, it was reported that a good time was had by all….if only they could remember.

It’s sure to say that this was an album release extravaganza to remember… for some. For the rest, just a headache and a fuzzy recollection of some vague and strange doings.


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