“The Last Shaman” (Xenharmonic / microtonal music, 22TET + 12edo) – song by BipTunia


Made using these synths; Ivor, Ivor2, XenFont2, Xen-FMTS 2, GothThang, and some 808 + rock drum kit drum synths.

This is fine cut 2.

Music: Michael W. Dean
Words and voice: Phil Wormuth

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The Last Shaman
Dried moss from the crotch of a dead birch tree,
plug o’ tobacco,
buffalo nickel (heads-up for luck),
crushed bones of a small rodent,
fresh pheasant flesh…
Bring to a boil and yes, I can tell your future.
(Wind, sand, and stone speak too slow.)

My words make birds fall from the sky.
I look for meaning in the smallest of things.
My dreams reveal ancient secrets –
the force behind my visions is fierce
(unless obscured by wind, sand, and stone.)

But when I grow too bold,
the sun squares off in the sky –
it instantly sears my eyes…
(wind, sand, and stone
rain down upon me
and force me to question my abilities.)

…and then who am I?


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